DeepMinds People


Amine Staali

Managing Partner - CEO

avatar_deeptech_image Amine Staali

Serial founder with 20 years cross-industry expertise, oriented towards compassionate and impactful innovation and investement

Dr. Abdenour Haddou

Managing Partner - COO-CTO

avatar_deeptech_image Dr. Abdenour Haddou

DeepTech polymath with diverse and multidisciplinary background in engineering, coding, simulating and bridging R&D to Market

Mohan Ranasinghe

Managing Partner - CFO

avatar_deeptech_image Mohan Ranasinghe

Investment and financial strategist with regulated fund management expertise in private equity strategies and passionate in venture scaling

Founding Members

Prof. Merouane Debbah

DeepTech LLM /AI

avatar_deeptech_image Prof. Merouane Debbah

A renowned researcher, educator and expert in LLM & AI, who founded several public and industrial research centers including founding director of the Khalifa University 6G center.

Mouloud Khelif

Thought leader

avatar_deeptech_image Mouloud Khelif

Strategy, policy, and governance advisor/consultant with over twenty-five years international experience spanning...

Dr. Hamid Menouar

DeepTech IoT /Edge

avatar_deeptech_image Dr. Hamid Menouar

Seasoned R&D Expert contributing to state-of-the-art technologies including AI, IoT, UAVs, and...

Mohand Amroun

DeepTech Industrial IoT

avatar_deeptech_image Mohand Amroun

Experienced Industrial Engineering solutions expert specializing in multi-gas monitoring and industrial sensors, who founded Pergamon Perceptive Technologies.

Athmane Ogba

Digital transformation | Cloud Architecture

avatar_deeptech_image Athmane Ogba

Seasoned IT professional with 20+ years of expertise in technology consulting, renowned for spearheading complex, large-scale infrastructure projects.

DeepTech Experts

Prof. Mohamed Cheriet

Senior Scientist

avatar_deeptech_image Prof. Mohamed Cheriet

Dr. Mohamed Cheriet received his Bachelor, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer...

Prof. Said Dermime

Senior Scientist

avatar_deeptech_image Prof. Said Dermime

Highly experienced senior scientist in Cellular Immunology and Cancer Immunotherapy with specific...

Park Hyu Min

Ship building DeepTech architect

avatar_deeptech_image Park Hyu Min

Ship building senior technology architect with extensive expertise with large companies like...

Dr. Asnaga Udugama

Reasearcher Scientist

avatar_deeptech_image Dr. Asnaga Udugama

Senior Researcher scientist in University of Bremen who is specializing in Information Centric Networking architectures and futuristic heterogeneous connectivity access technologies for telecommunication.

Tannya Jalal

AI Thought Leader

avatar_deeptech_image Tannya Jalal

Well known AI Thought Leader, Educator, and public speaker on the topics...

Prof. Riadh Albaghdadi

Senior scientist AI

avatar_deeptech_image Prof. Riadh Albaghdadi

Experienced in building compilers and code generators for high performance-architectures. Compilers for...

Chanaka Mallikarachchi

Turbo machinery design expert

avatar_deeptech_image Chanaka Mallikarachchi

Experiences professional Mechanical Engineering specializing in Turbomachinery design & analysis, Advanced numerical modelling and CAD modelling. Has provided solutions for Concepts NREC.

Salman Waris

Leading Technology Lawyer

avatar_deeptech_image Salman Waris

A Tech. lawyer, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Thought Leader, Innovator, Angel Investor and Co-Founder...

Dr. Amine Rabehi

BioMedical Engineer

avatar_deeptech_image Dr. Amine Rabehi

Technical project manager with a passion for creating innovative products in the...

Dr. Wesley Shu

Professor in Management Information Systems

avatar_deeptech_image Dr. Wesley Shu

Experienced Management Information Systems professor with a focus on strategic information management...