What is DeepMinds?

We are a full fledge Venture building company,
Your ultimate Co-Founder.

It means we help you build your Deeptech venture from scratch, moving through every stage of development and growth together.

You will join a group of like-minded serial-entrepreneurs, passionate team & experts, with the courage to transform the world.

How it Works?

DeepMinds Venture Builder Team

40+ professionals: Serial founders, C-level leaders, Deeptech experts, tech developers, product managers, marketers, branding creators, engineers, designers, analysts, operators, legal, finance, investors relations.

Equity Splits:

Depending on the level of involvement committed:
Founders: 50% -90%
DeepMinds: 10% -50%


1. Faster execution and traction
2. Less dilution & higher success probabilities
3. Team, niche expertise & devotion

How we engage

Who we partner with

Why DeepMinds?

Faster execution & rollout

Higher success chances

Cost-effective ressources

Less funding needed & less dilution

What we thrive for


Thriving to foster tech localization and autonomy


Building impactful ventures to catalyze DeepTech localization in the MENA region


To stand as the MENA region’s #1 DeepTech venture studio - accelerating transition to a knowledge-driven economy